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Journeys by Chance is a result of our passionate belief in travel’s ability to deeply enrich people's lives and ultimately change the world for the better. We believe that travel is the finest way to celebrate life’s moments, a precious gift that improves with the passage of time. The pleasure of sharing a remarkable journey lingers through the years as you, your family and friends remember the fun, the inspiration and the camaraderie of spending time together.

Every day, we make countless mundane journeys in the concrete jungle. From home to work, desk to meetings, dinner to bed, and back again. This almost consumes all of our imagination and passion. Sooner or later, you will need to break this routine and take a trip that recharges your soul. Let the wow-inspiring sceneries dazzle your eyes, let the heartwarming encounters touch your heart and return home with new found energy, inspiration and happiness that will help you live better.

Journeys by Chance is a high-end, active lifestyle creator who specializes in putting together truly memorable and powerful holiday experiences around the globe. We understand that life is short, and vacation is shorter! You need to make the most of your precious time-off and we take pride in providing the most unique, personal and life-enriching experiences that reflect this.

Our Promise to You

Extraordinary travel experiences last a lifetime and we believe they deserve the same planning as any other significant life event. We want your every holiday experience to be exactly what you dream it to be; that means we do not do standardized package tour ever. No two experiences can be exactly the same because no two requests are ever identical – we tailor every trip to fit you in the best way possible. We won’t suggest anywhere that we haven’t been to and seen for ourselves, so we can give you an insight into each destination and create a trip second to none.

Our travel experts do the hard work of selecting only the world’s most authentic and powerful travel experiences and we make arranging them as painless as it can be. Our purpose is to put the ease, the imagination, the glamour back into travel, from inspiration to reality. Furthermore we are always looking for new cutting edge experiences for you.

We are experts in creating bespoke trips and honeymoons and always ensure each trip we create is completely tailored for your individual refined tastes and preferences. Design a holiday for us is like composing a master piece, we let our imagination run and line up the itinerary in the perfect order. Our benchmark for a good holiday design is the Wow factor which means there are always moments on the road you just can’t help to say “Wow”. And our goal is to have you return home with many of these wow moments to inspire and share for a life time.

Our service for you

At Journeys by Chance, embarking on a journey of a life time is as easy as a breath. All you need to do is to let us know your dream holiday. Your wish is our command and we will tailor make your holiday to the finest detail.

Your trip quotation is depended on the complexity and luxury level of your travel arrangements. You only need to make one payment to us and we will take care of the entire logistics arrangement in your destination. From VIP arrival, unique lodges, exclusive events and experiences, hard to get tables at world renowned restaurants, special surprises for your loved one, expert local guides, chauffeured executive cars, domestic flights, luxury boats, trains, to private chartered flights ... anything and everything you may need during your holiday is taken care of. All you need to do is to head on the road and experience the magic we’ve lined up for you. Travel can be a headache, or it can make one feel alive — we know which one we'd prefer.

Not only do we impart to you our intricate knowledge of your destination and our worldclass on the ground network, but we care deeply about your trip. We want your travels to start and end perfectly, so we’ll send you off with a Bon Voyage kit equipped with your personal travel manual to ensure you are well prepared for a smooth journey. And to ease you back into real life, you will be welcomed at your home airport upon return. And, while you are away, we’re here when you need us, 24 hours a day – on calls/emails should you need any assistance. Bon Voyage!

【创始人】 Chance

About the founder

Many people asked me how I learned to travel. I don’t know if this is an acquired skill or a basic instinct. I still remember the numerous train journeys I took with my parents across China when I was little.  Who knew back then, I would travel so far across the globe and live parts of my life in the US, England, and Canada. Maybe it was the fleeting sceneries outside of the windows or the transits between airports and new destinations, gave me an everlasting wanderlust.

My first travel experience was a solo trip to Morocco, nurturing my craving for something exotically unusual and to personally experience the <Stories of Sahara> written by my favourite author Echo. Since then, I have embarked on countless journeys to far corners of the world in search of the most authentic and powerful travel experiences. From scaling mountains in Denali to traversing Patagonia, from hot air ballooning in Turkey to living like Tarzan in the Lao virgin rainforest, my purpose was simple – I wanted to be an interesting person with great stories to tell. Many times, I was the first Chinese traveler locals had ever seen. They asked me how I got there. I don’t have an exact formula other than being a perfectionist with a brave heart. But one thing is for sure, the harder it is to get there, the better the experience. And only off the beaten path, would you truly touch the soul of a destination and enjoy a journey that can inspire a lifetime.

More than a decade went past, I built a career in finance in the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong alongside many expeditions around the world. Everyone has a different definition about life. I want to think of it as a journey. If the meaning of life is the pursuit of happiness, then travel reveals the purest form of passion and dedication in such a pursuit. In the fall of 2012, when I was at a training program in New York, a lecturer asked me what legacy I would like to leave in the world. There was only one thought in my mind – I want to help people see the world in a way that dazzles your eyes, enchants your mind, so inspiring that you would not come back the same.

I hope one day we can take you on a journey of a life time.

Yours truly,

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